I am a dreamer.  Shy.  Lost in my thoughts.  Quietly analzying everything around me and coming up with my own little stories to answer questions that don't seem to have answers.  That was how I was able to find a way to connect to what I always felt was such an overwhelming world.  I don't know why but all my life, I've been so conscious of all the little details, like the way my best friend's eyes would crinkle during one of our laughing sessions, the way the clouds danced slowly across the sky revealing glimpses of a fleeting yet stunning sun, perhaps due to the soft breath of an angel above.

I always wanted so badly to freeze those moments in my mind and my imagination, taking internal photographs and storing them in a happy little file where I can hold them still and close forever.  I think that's probably why I fell so passionately in love with maternity and newborn photography, because it's not enough to do that for myself.   I want nothing more than to witness your most delicate, beautiful and life changing moments and create that eternal image for you and your family to cherish.  Sometimes as women we get lost in all the critical details, we can be hard on ourselves, but I am here to remind you...to SHOW you how beautiful you are.  You and your new child, are filled with endless and remarkable details! 

You are a woman, with beauty and curves, dreaming of different ways you will make your little ones life wonderful, perhaps even better than your own.  You are a mother, with strength and nurturing, a protective and loving force that you may not have realized the true extent you had within you until now.   You deserve to be remembered and honored, and at the end of the day,  I owe you all my happiness for trusting me enough to let me in, allowing me close enough to witness and capture the most vulnerable time in your life.

Thank you for allowing me to show you how incredibly beautiful you are, inside and out and forever...


Carey H