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Monday, April 11, 2016
By Carey Hope Photography
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I was hesitant at first, when my client asked to include her pet in her daughter's newborn session.  My mind immediately went to all the things that could have gone wrong with an animal in my studio.  She told me that her dog was a Labradooble and very mild mannered.  I told her that I had never worked with a dog in studio before, but after working with her during her maternity session I got to know her a bit (awesome girl!) and decided to go for it!  When she arrived to my studio with her wonderful husband, beautiful newborn baby O, and Sasha, the sweetest dog ever, I knew right away that I made a good choice.  Here I was, with camera in hand and the family was now complete!  I had planned to do a composite after posing baby O in a little pram prop, but Sasha was so relaxed that she sat calmly right next to that pram and looked right into the camera.  Perfect!  (Mom and Dad were on either side of Baby O and Sasha for safety)  I am so proud of how these images came out, you can see how much Sasha loves her little sister (lol) by the doggies kisses in the image below!  Welcome to your beautiful new life Baby O! There's a lot of love around you!

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