He asked her a very special question during her maternity session and her answer was....
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Monday, May 23, 2016
By Carey Hope Photography
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 YES!!!  That's right, a very romantic and handsome man proposed to his absolutely GORGEOUS girlfriend during her maternity session and here's the story...

It was just another busy day in my life, catching up on editing, planning my upcoming sessions as well as getting ready for a little family getaway to the Bahamas ( Even photographers need a break sometimes! ).  That was when a young man,  Simon, had called me looking to find the right photographer that could take maternity images for his girl.  I was just about to explain that I was already fully booked but just before I could, he had mentioned that he wanted to propose during her session.  I mean, how romantic is that!  Not only would she be hair and makeup ready, filled out with amazing baby curves, and dressed to perfection, but it would be professionally captured forever and ever!  There was NO WAY I could turn this job down!   I happened to have one day off the following week which worked out to be a few days before Rebecca's baby shower...it now belonged to them.  Perfect!

When they arrived to my home studio,  I noticed that they were an expectionally good looking couple.  And so sweet, I immediately got a little nervous myself hoping I wouldn't ruin the surprise or get too emotional.

For the very first shot I had Rebecca pose in a champaigne dress with her belly partly exposed.  I had Simon down on one knee ready to kiss her belly.  Except we never got that shot.  I fumbled nervously to find the song "Flashlight" by Jessie J on my ipod which I thought was a perfect fit for the occasion.  Simon and Rebecca, if you are reading this and hopefully you are, now you know the song you got engaged to!  (You may have been a little too distracted at the time to notice!)

And then it happened.  I'm telling you, Simon could not have planned this better.  It was such a surprise when just as he was supposed to kiss her belly he reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring.  And I caught it all!  Well that brings you up to where I started with this blog...She said YES!!!

Simon and Rebecca, congratulations on your engagement and starting a family together!  You have no idea how much it meant to me to be a part of it in some small way and I hope you cherish these images for as long as your love will last...that's forever!

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Joan Brendel - So happy for you Rebecca! You look beautiful as always.
anita Geraffo - Just so beautiful ... Breath taking .