October 1st 2018
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Monday, October 01, 2018
By Carey Hope Photography
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Meet Amy, the winner of my beauty photo shoot contest.  Do you think you know ANYTHING about this girl?  Look closely...okay yes, she's gorgeous...but look DEEPER...That's right, you should never judge a book by it's cover because unless you know her personally (and I have been lucky enough to meet her)....YOU KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!  

Let me enlighten you.

Amy was diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disease called CIDP 3 years ago which can be seriously painful and debilitating.  There are many symptoms to this disease such as numbness in the limbs, weakness, tremors, fatigue and worst case, can leave you paralyzed.  Which is actually what happened to Amy.  However, with remarkable spirit and a this incredible desire to live her life just as she planned before this illness, she spend less time feeling sorry for herself and more time finding ways around it.  A woman that was told she probably would never walk again, with help of crutches, navigated swiftly around my studio refusing any attempts of my help.  

While there is no cure, she gets an infusion every 3 weeks of a medicine (IVIG) made from thousands of blood plasma donors to help ease the pain, weakness and fatigue.  With the help of her family and friends, like her friend Rebecca who nominated her for this contest, she relearned things like sitting and walking all over again.  Basic things that we take for granted every day...Makes you want to stop sweating the small stuff and be more like her, doesn't it?   Through all this struggle, she has NEVER stopped trying, getting back up and living her best life.  I didn't hear her complain once during her session, in fact, she was more easy going, confident and relaxed than anyone I've ever had in my studio.  (Srry, clients!  I love you all but this is the truth, lol!)

If we all took a little piece of Amy's attitude towards life, just think of all the super powers we could unleash in ourselves?  Just like Amy, we would be unstoppable!

If you want to learn how to be a donor, please click here:


To learn more about CIDP, please click here:



Amy's Story

Amy's Story

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Christina Thielst - Illness doesn’t define us; our response does! Beauty is in our reach!
Carol fragano - I've known Amy a long time before this disease and she was a beautiful person inside and out. When I found out about this disease I was very upset because I said why did it happen to such a person like her. But every post I see if her with her husband and her family, she's always smiling and looks very happy. I pray for her that she will beat this disease. Love you Amy C Bizzle
Angie Giorlando - Amy you are more beautiful inside than out, and you are STUNNING on the outside! God has given you the strength and peace of mind to carry on your life as you should! You and your amazing husband Diego have battled through all of this, and you both will continue till the end! Such a beautiful young spirit! May God bless ever minute of your life! Chuck and I love you so much!❤️❤️
Kath - Beautiful photos, incredible story, warrior princess.
Dawn - Amy ever since the say I met you, you have been a inspiration. Your hard work and determination are mind blowing... I can only hope that one day someone inspires to be like me the way I can say I aspire to be like you. Xoxoxo